Leading the way to


seafood production

At The Center for Responsible Seafood, we envision a world meeting the critical need for seafood produced through regenerative processes.

The immense challenge facing humanity is to increase food production while reducing environmental impacts. This requires transformational changes in global food production systems.

How we're driving the transformation:

Learning through our unique global hub, including the Sustainable Ocean Leadership Institute (SOLI)
Putting knowledge into practice to enable innovation and improved practices along the entire seafood value chain
Partner with us to accelerate positive change

Video: Our mission – and why it's important

Sharing knowledge to promote a healthier world

TCRS has developed a track record of projects on transformation of aquaculture by addressing fundamental issues through knowledge sharing, applied research, and collaboration with industry, governments, NGOs, academia, development banks, and foundations. We have expanded our work to encompass projects that also advance responsible practices for wild-caught seafood.

We gratefully acknowledge our current and past supporters: