Regenerative Seafood

Energized by the opportunities and urgent need for action on planetary health, TCRS has established a bold vision: a world meeting the critical need for seafood produced through regenerative processes.

What are regenerative processes?

In its broadest sense, regenerating is commonly accepted as meaning renewing or restoring. Regenerative processes go a step beyond “reducing impact” to achieving net zero or positive impact.

We support, and are also involved in, efforts to reduce impact, recognizing that it is sometimes what feasibility allows. However, there is tremendous diversity in aquatic food production systems, and as a result, we have varied tools available to us in our planetary health toolkit.

We strive to push the frontier in these areas:

  • Climate (zeroing and sequestering greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Nature (preserving biodiversity and ecosystems)
  • Waste (advancing closed-loop reutilization and the circular economy)
  • People (maximizing social responsibility, health, and opportunities)

How we define seafood:

All edible aquatic organisms, including fish, shellfish, and algae from marine and freshwater production systems (aquaculture and fisheries)