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July 24-26, 2023   Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

MISSION:  To improve shrimp production across Asia by bringing together leaders from production, market, and conservation communities to discuss constraints, innovations, and solutions.

Asia constitutes two-thirds of global shrimp production, but growth in Vietnam, China, India, Thailand, and Indonesia is leveling off or contracting. Meanwhile, Ecuador is projected to represent the majority of the world’s 7% growth in shrimp production in 2023.

By sharing expertise, developing a common understanding of issues, and working toward consensus solutions, new paradigms are expected to emerge through productivity, improved livelihoods, and achievement of a higher level of sustainability, especially regarding climate change. 

Who will be attending

Attendees will represent the entire seafood value chain, including:

  • Farmers
  • Processors
  • Exporters and importers
  • Feed manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail and food service buyers
  • Technology and other service providers
  • NGOs
  • Government officials

Sharing + Connecting = Solutions

Before the summit:
  • Discussions and webinars focused on summit topics will begin in the TCRS online community. Registrants and sponsors are invited to join in these community and webinar-based conversations.
In Vietnam:
  • Optional pre-summit and post-summit field trips to shrimp production facilities in Vietnam, including Minh Phu’s 2,3,4 super-intensive round tank farm and organic farms raising shrimp in harmony with mangrove forests (see video below).
  • Plenaries and intensive topic-focused sessions with tangible outputs to improve practices.
  • Receptions, breaks and dinners designed to encourage connection.
After the summit:
  • Discussions will continue after the event to ensure a lasting impact. Through the TCRS online community, virtual and in-person summit participants will have post-event access to session recordings, highlights, and ongoing discussion forums.
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Pre-Summit Tour: Minh Phu's 2-3-4 Hi-Tech Farming Model

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Post-Summit Tour: Minh Phu's Mangrove Shrimp Farming

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President of TCRS;
co-founder and former president of the Global Seafood Alliance

Topic areas


Comparison of breeding programs that differentiate Ecuador and Asia, advantages and disadvantages of each, and research on harnessing mechanisms of viral accommodations.  Also, addressing inherent shortcomings in policies for sentinel testing and IP protection.


Review of the principal and emerging shrimp diseases, their control methods, and recommendations on how to better rationalize importation of broodstock to reduce smuggling and disease transmission.

Growout Intensification

Review of intensification strategies in Ecuador and Asia, limits of carrying capacity in different systems, advances in engineering design to improve energy efficiency of super intensive tank farms, and the use of wastewater treatment and reuse to manage cumulative impacts.

Sustainable Feeds

How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other impacts from feeds by evaluating ingredients from different origins, applying advances in manufacturing, and managing feed distribution in growout ponds.

Global Production

Production data from major producing countries and forecast of expected production in 2023 and 2024.


Demand from major markets including US, EU, China, and Japan. Also, a review of market expectations to meet sustainability targets for environmental, social, food safety, animal welfare, traceability, and certification.

Improver Programs

Programs to better assist small holder farms in grouping into clusters to improve efficiencies in purchasing, sale of product, product quality, fair pricing, and access to premium markets including organic markets for unfed systems.


Review of green/sustainable financing mechanisms, mainly available for large integrated companies. For small to medium companies, use of debt financing by banks and credit programs by feed manufacturers and processors with a growing role played by IT systems tracking real-time performance of farms.

Collective Marketing

Oversupply of shrimp is an opportune time to build demand through collective marketing; however, voluntary systems are typically disfunctional due to free riders. Mandatory systems such as the USDA Marketing Board will be reviewed.


This session will review a variety of innovations at the hatchery, growout, feed manufacturing, and processing plant that are improving efficiency and reducing cost. A common theme is use of IoT and AI.

Partner and Sponsorship Opportunities

The 2023 Shrimp summit presents the industry with a unique opportunity to align your organization’s objectives with The Center for Responsible Seafood’s mission:  Foster a world meeting the critical need for seafood through regenerative processes and responsible seafood production.

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